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ST-Performance LTD is proud to be able to offer its customers Body kits from Dimma.
Do not confuse these kits with others on this web site.

Beware of cheap copy's on other sites, they are cheap flimsy quality and will not fit or last like Dimma. compare and you will notice the difference

These kits are the genuine Dimma kits that are High quality Resin G.R.P approved by Peugeot  - Renault and Citroen the kits are made in concrete moulds and kiln baked for 100% stability, this is reflected on the cost and will be sent with full Dimma authenticity. any other sold on this site is not Dimma and not a copy of Dimma.

if not in stock Dimma kits normally take 3-4 weeks delivery once orders are made.

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Dimma Projects

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